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Whether it be a fastball or breaking pitches, MaxBP can simulate the best pitchers in baseball history - fictional or not.
The competition out there is tougher than ever. Implement some efficient modern day technology into your practice regimen and experience newfound success.
Hitters face a daunting task when it comes to an at-bat versus Cole, a power pitcher who features a 98 MPH fastball, slider, knuckle curve and change-up.
By utilizing MaxBP’s small ball training methods, athletes have the opportunity to improve their hand-eye coordination, vision and reaction time.
MaxBP provides an athlete with unlimited practice opportunities utilizing small ball training techniques. This repetition is imperative aspiring athletes.
A hitter should look for pitches to drive early in the count. Until they reach a two-strike count, a player should only use their “A” swing
Utilizing incredible core strength and bat speed, Bonds’ left-handed swing was as quick and explosive as anybody who has ever played.
Halloween has passed and the weather has turned. Depending on one’s location, it’s tough to make progress during the winter months.
As the story goes, unusual Tibetan training methods allowed Finch to throw a baseball with incredible accuracy and velocity - approximately 168 MPH!
Hitting all starts with confidence. If a hitter believes they will fail, they’re correct. If they think they will succeed, then they have a chance.
Invest time into your eye sight and develop that soft, fine focus. This prevents over straining, allowing a hitter to get the most out of their vision.
Dr. Khan believes that muscle memory and hand-eye coordination are developed through hard work and practice, which is why he is excited about his MaxBP.
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