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    “MaxBP is the #1 tool we use to improve the athlete's reaction times, pitch recognition, and overall timing"
    Ryan Harrison - Slow the Game Down

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    MaxBP News

    How Small Ball Training Yields Big Results
    How Small Ball Training Yields Big Results
    We know all baseball and softball hitters put in the work each and every practice to hit soaring home runs and improving their batting averages. But, before they can make that goal a reality, they need to perfect their swing. Improving your hitting isn’t just about spending countless hours in the batting cages, sometimes you need to train smarter not just harder. Even if you want to hit big - it pays to think small - as in small ball training.
    Remember the Players who have Served our Country
    Remember the Players who have Served our Country
    Many of our iconic baseball legends - Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Willie Mays, among others - are not just athletic heroes but also veterans. These baseball legends showed an equal love for the game and a loyalty to their country by putting their baseball careers on hold for military service.
    Build a better batter with MaxBP
    Build a better batter with MaxBP

    You’re driven by one goal: build better batters. At MaxBP, we share your passion for hitting. And we’ve created the ultimate tool for building better batters. Improve your hitters’ hand-eye coordination, pitch recognition, reaction time and batting average by stepping into the box with MaxBP. The feeder has multiple distance and speed settings – from 30 to 140 mph – and a single charge on MaxBP can last for up to four hours. See why college softball programs like Towson University, LSU, UC Santa Barbara, University of Arizona and Northwestern have chosen to maximize their reaction training with MaxBP!