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Consider all three athletic elements - eyes, brain and body - when allocating your practice time.
Athletes who train with MaxBP will find they can train endlessly to improve their skills, without the negative repercussions on the body.
Help your athletes develop hand eye coordination, bat speed and vision like never before - at an affordable price with game changing results.
MaxBP is a durable product that provides teams with unlimited practice opportunities for years to come - at one single cost.
MaxBP is more than a hitting tool. Embark on a winning path that helps your team - hit, catch and turn left better than your opponents.
Make the move that allows your athletes to gain comfort and confidence before they ever set foot in the batter's box.
Catchers have earned the reputation of being hard working and low maintenance - treasure them accordingly.
Make the most of those precious practice opportunities and implement MaxBP into your team’s training regimen.
Whether it be hitting, fielding or base running drills, utilizing this modern day training tool is a game changer.
The competition out there is tougher than ever. Implement some efficient modern day technology into your practice regimen and experience newfound success.