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As the story goes, unusual Tibetan training methods allowed Finch to throw a baseball with incredible accuracy and velocity - approximately 168 MPH!
Many times a slump surfaces because of a minute detail or lack of concentration. Regain that undivided attention is by focusing on small objects.
The sooner a hitter becomes comfortable hitting pitches at high speeds - the better! Don’t be afraid of a little gas, even if you can’t hit it.
Tony Gwynn was the purest hitter of his generation. So what was it that made Gwynn so special as a hitter? It all starts with preparation.
  • 3 min read
It's essential for young athletes to prepare for higher velocity pitching, particularly in tournament play.
  • 3 min read
The Toronto Blue Jays have a new look these day, opting to go with a youth movement and a different approach in their game preparation.
Plate coverage: the effective strike zone can be as much as 160% wider than the actual plate. Today we’ll look at how tall the zone really is.
  • 3 min read