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Often times athletic perseverance starts and stops between the ears. The best athletes invest in their mental training and are prepared for every scenario.
The competition out there is tougher than ever. Implement some efficient modern day technology into your practice regimen and experience newfound success.
Those who utilize this time wisely will continue to develop their skills, stay ahead of the competition, and continue to thrive from one year to the next.
As long as a player uses failure as a learning experience, they should feel good about themselves and be optimistic about future plate appearances.
The best hitters don’t look at half of the ball, whether that be the top or bottom, they are focused on the entire object and aim for the dead center of it.
“Be Like Mike” - never stop challenging yourself, but if you find something you love, stick with it and embark on a path toward greatness.
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Athletes need the opportunity to work diligently and succeed. This is a lesson we inevitably learn throughout our lifetime - hard work leads to success.
Physical capabilities are instrumental in sports, but an athletes’ visual and mental capabilities are equally imperative.
A hitter should always be ready for their pitch. With this mentality, an athlete won’t let an opportunity go to waste.
There is more to athletic success than focusing on one aspect of development. Create a well-rounded and organized training regimen.
The worst possible outcome in an at-bat is when a hitter goes up there without a plan. Always know the game situation and have an idea at the plate.
Ted Williams, widely renowned as the best hitter of all-time wrote a book called The Science of Hitting. There is more to hitting than art.