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Whether it be a fastball or breaking pitches, MaxBP can simulate the best pitchers in baseball history - fictional or not.
Hitters face a daunting task when it comes to an at-bat versus Cole, a power pitcher who features a 98 MPH fastball, slider, knuckle curve and change-up.
As the story goes, unusual Tibetan training methods allowed Finch to throw a baseball with incredible accuracy and velocity - approximately 168 MPH!
To train your eyes, mind and swing to battle a savvy pitcher like Anibal Sanchez practice a variety of pitch types and speeds with a MaxBP Pro Machine.
Let’s take a look at three key plays in the Tampa Bay Rays victory in the AL Wild Card Game and discuss how those plays can be recreated on a MaxBP.
Let’s take a look at three key moments from the NL Wild Card game and how those plays can be recreated on a MaxBP Pro Machine.
2019 HR Derby results, commentary and how to create your own HR Derby at home!
As you embark on a new journey to improve your athletic skills, there are a number of important things you should know about MaxBP Reaction Training.