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General Questions

What are the differences between the three pitching machines?

How do I unsubscribe from the MaxBP mailing list?

What happened to the Sandlot Slugger pitching machine?

How do I connect the tripod to the pitching machine?

I have a question not covered on this page. How do I contact the Support Team?


How do I pay with a Purchase Order?

What credit cards does MaxBP accept?


How long will it take for my order to ship?

Why isn't my tracking number reporting anything?

Battery Care

My battery stopped working, now what?

How long should the battery last?

How do I best take care of the battery?

How do I replace the battery?

How can I tell if the charger and batteries are working properly?

Can I plug the MaxBP into a wall as opposed to letting it run off battery?

What are the specs for a replacement charger?

How do I use the external battery pack if my machine already has a battery in it?

Using MaxBP

Can the MaxBP work in the rain?

Wind is causing a problem with pitch accuracy, any suggestions?

How far away should I set up the machine from the batter?

What MPH pitch equivalent does the pitching machine throw at different distances?

What other types of balls can I use in the MaxBP?

What are some good drills or stations to work on with the MaxBP?

Can I use the MaxBP to practice catching flyballs or ground balls?

My son or daughter is hitting too many home runs now and they are no longer throwing him good pitches, what should we do?

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return an item?

Refunds (if applicable)

Exchanges (if applicable)