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Don’t let a limited amount of space take away from your training regimen. Where there's a will, there's a way - with MaxBP. is a great resource, providing an abundance of valuable material for an athlete willing to be a student of the game.
Physical capabilities are instrumental in sports, but an athletes’ visual and mental capabilities are equally imperative.
For ballplayers who have a difficult time being mobile and accessing training facilities and equipment, MaxBP brings the training home to you!
For athletes who play a sport that requires them to track, catch or hit a moving object, it's hard t to make a more sound investment than MaxBP.
With MaxBP an athlete only has to rely on themselves to maintain their practice regimen. It’s your dream! Go chase it!
Don’t acquire rust during the winter months. Clear out a little space and get more reps than ever - rain, snow or shine.
Don’t let an injury prevent you from developing your athletic skills. Let MaxBP bridge that gap between injured player and difference maker.
If an athlete can dedicate 15 minutes a day, they can get in approximately 120 swings with MaxBP. That’s more than 40,000 swings a year!
By utilizing MaxBP’s small ball training methods, athletes have the opportunity to improve their hand-eye coordination, vision and reaction time.
MaxBP provides an athlete with unlimited practice opportunities utilizing small ball training techniques. This repetition is imperative aspiring athletes.