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Those who utilize this time wisely will continue to develop their skills, stay ahead of the competition, and continue to thrive from one year to the next.
MaxBP provides a quality cardiovascular workout, second-to-none training and it's fun!
Physical capabilities are instrumental in sports, but an athletes’ visual and mental capabilities are equally imperative.
Over the course of the next ten days we will be detailing the best reasons to train with MaxBP! Here is a preview of what's to come!
There is more to athletic success than focusing on one aspect of development. Create a well-rounded and organized training regimen.
Halloween has passed and the weather has turned. Depending on one’s location, it’s tough to make progress during the winter months.
A balanced training regimen with a combination of plyometrics, stretching, light weights and resistance training is likely most effective.
With strong push-up mechanics develop a consistent routine that focuses on the long term. Strength and conditioning is a marathon, not a race.
A workout without a gym membership, designated space or equipment is priceless. Run hills to fulfill your commitment to excellence.
  • 3 min read
An athlete can improve their stamina, balance and coordination through jump rope training. An individual with superior agility is a force to be reckoned with.
  • 3 min read
A great way for an individual to develop the forearm strength and conditioning that is beneficial for all athletic activity is the Popeye’s Puppet workout.
In this drill we’ll focus on the traditional use of a sledgehammer, pounding something in the direction of the ground.