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The worst possible outcome in an at-bat is when a hitter goes up there without a plan. Always know the game situation and have an idea at the plate.
Soto's approach allows a hitter to be aggressive and hit the ball for power early in an at-bat, while simplifying the swing and battling with two-strikes.
The most organic way to bust out of a slump is quite simple - stop worrying about yourself and find a way to contribute.
Many times a slump surfaces because of a minute detail or lack of concentration. Regain that undivided attention is by focusing on small objects.
There are many ways to approach a slump, and depending on the sport and culture, some of those philosophies are superstitious or down right silly.
A key to working through a slump is keeping a positive attitude. Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future. Let muscle memory do the talking.
If a hitter widens their stance and eliminates a little stride, it will take some movement out of the swing process and simplify the hitting approach.
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