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How improbable was The Houston Astros no-hitter against the Phillies in game 4 of this year’s World Series? 
  • 3 min read
Soto's approach allows a hitter to be aggressive and hit the ball for power early in an at-bat, while simplifying the swing and battling with two-strikes.
Expect a hard fought World Series as the Nationals appear in their franchise’s first and the Astros look to secure their second title in three years.
  • 8 min read
To train your eyes, mind and swing to battle a savvy pitcher like Anibal Sanchez practice a variety of pitch types and speeds with a MaxBP Pro Machine.
Let’s take a look at three key plays in the Tampa Bay Rays victory in the AL Wild Card Game and discuss how those plays can be recreated on a MaxBP.
Let’s take a look at three key moments from the NL Wild Card game and how those plays can be recreated on a MaxBP Pro Machine.
October is upon us! That means the MLB Playoffs are back and more exciting than ever. Check out this year's playoff schedule and MaxBP's predictions.
  • 11 min read