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Top 10 Reasons to Train with MaxBP

  • by Coach Ross
  • 6 min read

MaxBP Reaction Training is a next level training tool that has been around for the past decade, working wonders for thousands of athletes from youth, high school, college and all the way to Major League Baseball and the Olympics across a variety of sports. Athletes who implement MaxBP into their training regimen will get more reps and develop better vision, hand-eye coordination and reaction times for the tough competition that lies ahead.



1 - Mental, Physical and Visual Training

Beach ball for Facebook post 1200x630_v2MaxBP Reaction Training serves as a great way to retain focus and concentration. The small ball training provided by MaxBP will allow any athlete unlimited reps of seeing, catching and hitting golf ball sized wiffle balls. A few rounds of focusing on these small objects traveling at a high velocity will have any player ready to bust out.

While MaxBP by itself is a great training tool for athletes of all ages and abilities. For best training, a player should also incorporate MaxBP’s multi-color wiffle balls. Athletes who are tasked with hitting a moving object would be best suited by incorporating a BetterBat Skinny Barrel Training Bat into their training practices. This small ball training makes the moving object look like a beach ball on game day.

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2 - Portability and Limited Space Required

IMG951838Typically batting practice requires a great deal of space. It's highly unlikely that a player has enough property for live batting practice at their residence. Batting cages also take up a lot of space and are very expensive.

MaxBP provides pro-level training while only requiring a minimal amount of space. Have a carport? Garage? Basement? All you need is approximately 15-20 feet of free space and you’ll have adequate space take BP - morning, day and night.

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3 - Unlimited Repetition

10,000 HoursIn Malcolm Gladwell’s, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” he claims that there is an essential factor in achieving world class expertise in a craft. The key is to practice the skill, the correct way, for approximately 10,000 hours. In athletics those hours could be dispersed through physical, visual and mental training.

In his book, Gladwell analyzes how two people with equal abilities can end up with vastly different fortunes. The idea here is that people aren’t born into success, it’s developed over time through hard work. Granted many individuals are born with more “God-given talent” than others, but regardless of one’s natural ability - a solid work ethic is vital.

Athletes who train with MaxBP Reaction Training have the opportunity to experience a form of “Perfect Practice.” With endless drills and small ball training techniques, an athlete has necessary tools to improve their hand-eye coordination and reaction time, while enjoying more reps than ever.

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4 - Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

10000 US NoteMoney doesn’t grow on trees! Most of us heard that phrase a number of times in our youth. It served as an effective way for a parent to encourage their child to be conscientious of their spending habits. This saying rings particularly true when it comes to athletics and the costs involved.

Team fees and travel funds add up quickly for competitive athletes and their families. So, when it comes time to decipher where to invest money for training and equipment, it’s important to make the right decision. For athletes who participate in a sport that requires them to track, catch or hit a moving object, it will be difficult to make a more sound investment than MaxBP Reaction Training.

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5 - Beat the Elements with Indoor Training

bad weatherWhere I live in Northern California, it's cold in the winter, wet in the spring and 100 degrees in the summer. Less than ideal conditions for an athlete to train outdoors on a daily basis. Many ballplayers experience a similar environmental challenge.

One great way to remedy the weather is with MaxBP, which offers a variety of power source options ideal for outdoor and indoor practice. If an athlete clears out some space in a garage, carport or spare room they can beat the elements and take BP.

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6 - Cover the Training Needs of Multiple Sports/Athletes

1024px-Sport_balls.svgDo you have athletes in your household that play a number of different sports? Baseball? Softball? Hockey? Lacrosse?

MaxBP Reaction Training works wonders for athletes participating in sports that require tracking a moving object with their eyes, processing with the brain and the optimal physical action.

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7 - Time is on Your Side

2020-calendarLife gets busy! Many days there doesn't seem to be enough time to check off all the boxes on a to-do list. Don't let your training regimen be part of that "I didn't get around to it" group. 15 minutes with MaxBP and you can get in 120 swings. That's more than 40,000 swings in a year! Imagine if you practiced for 30-60 minutes a day? Cooperstown here I come!

Don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Make a schedule and stick to it. Those hours will add up quicker than you realize, and before you know it - your skills will show it. How many reps will you take in 2020?

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8 - Train Independently

MaxBP on a basketball courtHow much time do athletes waste waiting on a practice partner to arrive for a workout? To get off the phone? Or get back from the bathroom? What about the days when you can't find a training mate? MaxBP allows athletes to practice in a team, group or individual setting. With the flick of a switch a person can take unlimited independent batting practice. No distractions, just a ballplayer working on his craft.

In basketball they call it a “gym rat,” but what do they call a baseball or softball player who spends countless amounts of time dedicated to their craft? In the past this opportunity wasn’t very common. Except for the “Mike Piazza’s of the world” who grew up with their own personal batting cage, most ballplayers aren’t blessed with the opportunity to take unlimited batting. MaxBP is a game changer because it provides athletes with unlimited practice opportunities. Does Dad have to stay late for work? Is Mom busy with your little brother or sister? No worries, flip the switch and get to work.

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9 - No Transportation Necessary

limoSome ballplayers have a difficult time being mobile and accessing training facilities and equipment. Bring the equipment home to you! Whether an athlete prefers to hit outside under the sun or in the comfort of the indoors - MaxBP has all the bases covered. Don't worry about traveling to another location to train. Practice your craft from the comfort of your own home, and enjoy training without the inconvenience of sharing facilities or equipment with others. Commit to practicing with MaxBP and save time, gas money and cash spent on expensive batting cage tokens.

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10 - Immune to the Injury Bug

ace bandageEvery season 1,000's of athletes around the globe suffer various injuries that affect their ability to practice. The thing that separates athletes who rebound from injury, and those that fail to recover, is often hard work and determination. No matter the ailment, if an athlete is looking to improve their abilities, MaxBP offers a drill for them. MaxBP is immune to the injury bug.

Without question, training and staying sharp while injured is more challenging than when an athlete is functioning at optimal health. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside of the box (and state of the art technology doesn’t hurt), but where there is a will, there is a way! Our team at MaxBP believes that our reaction training provides some of the best opportunities for injured athletes to continue developing their skills.

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Bonus # 11 - The Coaching Support and Tutelage of MaxBP

MaxBP_Blog_accuracy_1024x1024Some athletes have a difficult time practicing when they don't have a coach or instructor to support them. Don't be discouraged! You're not alone!

The internet has endless material on hitting mechanics, techniques and training methods. is a great resource, providing an abundance of valuable material for athletes and coaches.

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