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Why Train with MaxBP? Unlimited Repetition

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of time and dedication for an athlete to set themselves apart from the competition. In this day and age, the chase for a college scholarship or professional opportunity is more competitive than ever. So what does it take for an aspiring athlete to achieve their goals? It all starts with repetition.

If a athlete strives to be an expert in their craft it is imperative that they log many hours of dedicated of practice - Malcolm Gladwell says approximately 10,000.In Malcolm Gladwell’s, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” he claims that there is an essential factor in achieving world class expertise in a craft. The key is to practice the skill, the correct way, for approximately 10,000 hours.

In his book, Gladwell analyzes how two people with equal abilities can end up with vastly different fortunes. The idea here is that people aren’t born into success, it’s developed over time through hard work. Granted many individuals are born with more “God-given talent” than others, but regardless of one’s natural ability - a solid work ethic is vital and the 10,000 hours of repetition sets the bar. In athletics, those hours could be dispersed through physical, visual and mental training.

MaxBP small ball training techniques provide athletes with a unique opportunity to enhance their vision, hand eye coordination and reaction times with unlimited practice opportunities. It typically takes about 15 minutes to complete a round of reaction training. In that amount of time, an athlete will have the opportunity to hit, catch or track approximately 120 balls traveling at the speed (see MaxBP Chart) and trajectory of their choice.


Want to take a second round of reps? A third or fourth round? No need to spend additional money on tokens at the batting cage or waste precious time shagging balls all over the lot. It only takes a few minutes to collect a round of With endless MaxBP drills using small ball training techniques, an athlete has the necessary tools to improve all aspects of their game.MaxBP balls, because the small ball wiffles only travel about 80 feet. Use that extra time to get more reps!

If an athlete is serious about being competitive at the collegiate or professional level it’s imperative for them to spend time developing their craft. However, of equal importance is the idea that they are practicing the correct way and developing good habits and sustainable fundamentals. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi encapsulated this ideal with his famous quote, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Athletes who train with MaxBP Reaction Training have the opportunity to experience a form of “Perfect Practice.” With endless drills using small ball training techniques, and the resources available on, an athlete has the necessary tools to improve all aspects of their game - physical, mental and visual. This is the ideal way for an athlete to take aim at the long hours and tireless dedication it will take to become an expert in their craft.

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