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STGD: Eye-Trac™

The Eye-Trac™ is a focus and fixation trainer that improves Eye-Mind-Body (EMB) skills. The quality of your EMB skills determines your ability to see and react within milliseconds. Being fiercely competitive, sportspeople are always looking for that elusive 'something' that will give them an edge over their rivals. Performance Fundamentals plays a vital role in developing performance training tools designed to help athletes test and train their visual skills for superior EMB coordination.

The Eye-Trac™ is a simple tool, which provides a lot of visual feedback.  Use of the Eye-Trac™ enhances the rapid skills that are essential for efficient visual function. It also improves automatic focus adjustments for all areas of visual space. It is designed to teach the equal use of both eyes simultaneously and to teach you how to aim your eyes together correctly for varying distances in space. Additionally, it allows you to determine if you are shutting off the vision of one eye (suppression). 

The Eye-Trac™ is designed to improve ball tracking skills, precision of eye control and quick focus on small objects. The faster you can focus and fixate with the Eye-Trac™, the more accurately your eyes will be able to track a ball and the faster your eyes will be able to read and recognize a ball in flight.

Proven, reliable and easy to use, the Eye-Trac™ delivers long-lasting benefits through noticeably improved performance.  Without it, the body will not respond to rapid and unpredictable changes during the game, its timing will falter and performance levels may be affected.  Superior visual skills will lead you towards superior sports performance. Simply put, if you are not visually fit you are not physically fit.