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Why Train with MaxBP? Coaching Support and Tutelage

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

When it comes to training for a particular sport, not all athletes are dealing with the same hand. Some players have the advantage of unlimited resources, whether that be the training facilities and accessible equipment or from a coaching perspective. Not all athletes are created equal.

Consider somebody like Barry Bonds or Ken Griffey Jr., two all-time great talents, who were not only blessed with second to none “God given ability," but also had the advantage of growing up in a Major League clubhouse. For Bonds that meant rubbing elbows with players like Willie McCovey and Willie Mays, while Griffey Jr. grew up around players from “The Big Red Machine” like Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez and Pete Rose.

They majority of developing athletes aren’t blessed with this type of opportunity. Often times, a player gets some instruction from their coaching staff during baseball season and that’s it. If an individual is lucky they have a parent who has the time and energy to partake in their development. Perhaps that means a few rounds of live batting practice, a trip to the batting cages or even some private lessons. This differentiation of opportunity is unfair, but that’s life.

The great thing is that the internet, and particularly MaxBP, equalizes the playing field for the athletes with resources, compared to those who have limited resources. Athletes who are willing to go the extra mile and be engaged in their development will find a combination of articles and videos on featuring fundamentals, drills and other instruction.

MaxBP would like to encourage athletes to take pride in their training and develop a regimen that will encourage good habits and lead to sustainable success. MaxBP may not be able to compete with the experience of hanging out in the club house with Mays, McCovey and the Big Red Machine, but we’re honored to be your “Coach away from Home.”

It can be a real uphill battle for athletes who don’t have a coach or instructor to support them. Don't be discouraged! You're not alone! The internet has endless material on hitting mechanics, techniques and training methods. is a great resource, providing an abundance of valuable material for an athlete willing to be a “student of the game.”