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Why Should Parents Invest in MaxBP? Put that Extra Space to Use

  • by Coach Ross
  • 3 min read

Do you have some extra space in your home that is being underutilized and collecting cobwebs? A basement? A detached garage? An old carport? Mama’s spacious She-shed? Get creative with that area and turn it into your very own training facility.

MaxBP is unique training tool, because it provides pro-level training and unlimited reps, while only requiring a minimal amount of space.Typically athletic training requires a great deal of space. Most athletes don’t have enough property for hand eye drills or tracking drills (let alone live batting practice) at their personal residence. Batting cages take up a lot of space and are very expensive, therefore many players find themselves headed to the ballpark or other training facilities to get their reps in on a regular basis.

MaxBP is unique training tool, because it provides pro-level training and unlimited reps, while only requiring a minimal amount of space. The opportunities to practice are endless when all you need is 15-20 feet of indoor or outdoor space to enjoy MaxBP’s Reaction Training with golf ball sized wiffles. With MaxBP’s small ball approach, a player has the opportunity to improve their vision, hand eye coordination and reaction time - when and where they please.

MaxBP is a great equalizer for those individuals who have enough property for a personal training space and those who do not. Athletes who live in an urban setting might find it difficult to find any practice space at all. No need to worry. MaxBP is incredibly convenient and portable. Grab your training tools and your MaxBP and head down to the park, an empty lot or a cul de sac. There's a decent chance you'll meet a new training partner in the process.

This may not be a realistic proposition for athletes who live in cold weather climates, and if that’s the case, clear out some space and get your reps in at home! Instead of enduring the elements and wasting time chasing balls all over the field, use that time to get your athlete more swings and increase bat speed. Is a player having a tough time with the breaking ball? The MaxBP Pro Machine features curveball, cutter, slider and drop options.

You’ve probably told your kids not to play ball in the house, and that’s a reasonable request; however, plastic wiffles don’t do the same damage as tightly wound leather or even a tennis ball. We’ve had athletes from little league players to Major League players train with MaxBP in their living rooms, hotel rooms - even Major League clubhouses! If your set on the “no ball in the house,” but you’d like to give your child the opportunity to train from the comfort of how - the garage, basement or a covered area like a carport is likely your best bet.

Don’t let a limited amount of space take away from your athlete's training regimen. For those individuals with a will to improve and develop their skills, there is most certainly a way. Whether you live in a rural or urban setting, have a lot of property or not, there is always a place to train with MaxBP. It may take a little rearranging, but clear out that underutilized space and get more reps than ever - rain, snow or shine. Opening day will be arriving sooner than you think, and the momentum built during the off-season will lead to more success this spring.