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Why Should Parents Invest in MaxBP? Protect Your Arm

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

Are you constantly out in the yard or down at the ballpark throwing batting practice to your kids? Do you have an athlete who can’t seem to get enough practice time and your having a difficult time keeping up with their demands? Give your arm some much needed rest, and let MaxBP carry the burden of a lofty pitch count.

A player will get approximately 120 reps per rounds in the span of approximately 15 minutes, and with MaxBP Reaction Training provides an athlete with unlimited training opportunities at home or on the go. A player will get approximately 120 reps per rounds in the span of approximately 15 minutes, and with "Greg Maddux-like" accuracy. Care to practice in the luxury of your own yard? No problem. Perhaps you don’t have enough space, but there is a park nearby. That’s perfect, because MaxBP is easy to handle and very portable. Do you live in an environment with extreme weather conditions? Take your training indoors, all you need is 20-30 feet.

I was fortunate to have parents with the time and energy to practice with my brothers and I; however, it came at a price. My father used to take a beating when he would throw us batting practice. Although we used tennis balls to prevent broken windows, the balls would still leave a healthy welt, and led to several pairs of broken glasses.

My poor Mom got it the worst, though. One particular day, when I was very young, I had asked my Mom throw me a "pop fly.” With every toss I would ask her to throw it, higher and higher, until - POP - torn rotator cuff. If only my Mother and I had a MaxBP with the Pop-up attachment - Mom’s shoulder would have remained intact.

MaxBP is a game changer because it provides athletes with unlimited practice opportunities at all times, with or without a training partner. Does Dad have to stay late for work? Is Mom busy with your little brother or sister? No worries, flip the switch and have some fun.

There's no sense in moping around because your friends or family who don’t have time to train with you. MaxBP is a true gift for dedicated ballplayers, because it is always on time, doesn’t get sick and never has to stay late for work. Therefore, an athletes only have themselves to blame if they don’t get their reps in on a regular basis.


If you have the luxury of a training partner, great! That only adds to the practice experience. It’s always good to have an extra set of eyes to point out any adjustments and an extra set of hands to shag. However, with MaxBP a training partner is a luxury, not a necessity. MaxBP may not have saved my Mother’s arm, but it can save yours. Invest in MaxBP Reaction Training, give that pitch count a rest and prevent a costly shoulder injury.