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Whip Those Hips into Shape with Inside Soft Toss

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

In order for a ballplayer to hit for power they must be able to handle the inside pitch. Getting jammed all the time and hitting weak pop-ups and ground balls isn’t conducive for someone hitting in the heart of the order. For those athletes looking to drive in runs and be a difference maker, a hitter must be able to do damage with the “middle-in” pitch.

A great drill to hone the skill of recognizing an inside pitch and turning on it with authority is soft toss on the inside part of the plate. With a practice partner or MaxBP machine (set on soft toss with slow feeder speed), set the pitch direction toward the inner half of the plate - and whip those hips into shape. Continue to hit the inside pitch while focusing on turning those hips and pulling the ball with power.

Advanced players can be modify this drill by only swing at pitches on the inner half of the plate. If a pitch is a ball inside or on the outer half of the strike zone - don’t swing. The idea here is to develop the discipline to turn on the inside pitch with consistent authority. If an athlete aims to develop this skill while still hitting pitches up the middle and to the opposite field, this drill may not be as productive.

This is an effective drill for hitters 10+ years old and serves as a great drill on a regular basis. It works best with a BetterBat Training Bat, but remember to always finish the drill with a game bat. In order to participate in this drill a player will also need wiffle balls, a flat plate and a MaxBP Machine or training partner.

The hips serve as the mechanism that whips the most powerful muscles in an athlete’s body - their legs and buttocks - into action. Don’t waste what your momma gave ya, let those hips loose and hit for power.