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Top 10 Reasons to Train this Off-Season - Improve your Vision and Slow the Game Down

  • by Coach Ross
  • 3 min read

The best athletes in every respective sport have a knack for making the game look easy. Often times this is a reflection of an individual’s ability to maintain their composure and slow the game down. This is a remarkable talent because most of us find athletic competition to be a stressful and chaotic experience; however, every once in a while someone comes along and bucks that trend. These players that maintain an even keel, participate with a relaxed focus and get the most out of their talents should be an inspiration for aspiring athletes.

The reality of the situation is that sports aren’t that easy. On the contrary, athletics are challenging in multiple capacities - physically, mentally and emotionally. So, how in the world do some individuals manage to compete with an unwavering grace? Are transcendent athletes simply born that way? Nope. Granted some athletes are blessed with more God-given talent than others, but for those special players who capture the attention of the masses - it all starts with a commitment.

If an individual strives to be an elite athlete, the type of player with collegiate or professional aspirations, it’s essential they dedicate their lives to the craft. This type of commitment is a challenge for anybody, but to complicate matters even more - this choice must be made at a young age. It’s unfortunate that some of life’s biggest decisions occur before we have the mental capacity to conceptualize the implications. But the truth is, father time doesn’t slow down for anybody. If an individual waits too long to make their move, the opportunity will pass them by.

Athletes willing to go “all in” on their athletic training should strongly consider training with MaxBP Reaction Training, because it checks all the boxes. It’s extremely efficient and provides athletes with more repetition than previously imagined. It presents a challenge for players of all ages and skill levels because of its diverse settings and small ball training tactics. And best of all, it’s portable for indoor/outdoor use and allows an athlete to train on their own, without any additional support. If a player is serious about developing the ability to play with a relaxed confidence, they must develop muscle memory, which can only be accomplished through a dedicated training process.

A common mistake for many athletes is they invest all of their practice time on physical development, and forget to incorporate two other key factors - mental and visual training. Vision is such an underrated factor in athletic success, because athletes in every sport imaginable depend on their vision for tracking, catching and/or hitting a moving object. This aptitude, often referred to as hand eye coordination, is a common denominator for most elite athletes. It is represented by the uncanny ability to process information from the eyes, to the mind and eventually the body. Without vision, hand eye coordination simply doesn’t exist.

“Slow the Game Down,” a company that prides itself on helping athletes improve their vision, has been a long-time partner with MaxBP Reaction Training. These methods can be found in variety videos on the MaxBP website, along with the tools necessary to accommodate the drills. Individuals who incorporate these philosophies into their training will have a newfound appreciation for the role the eyes play in athletic success.

If you strive to be an athlete who makes the game look easy, consider incorporating some vision training into your regimen. This will allow the eyes, mind and body to function in harmony. Players who reach this level of expertise will experience what it’s like to slow the game down, encounter positive results and enjoy the athletic experience like never before.