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Top 10 Reasons to Train this Off-Season - Gaining on the Competition

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

When it comes to training for a particular sport, there are two things an athlete can always count on. First, while you are resting someone else out there getting better. Second, if you are putting in the time, there is always somebody out there working harder and smarter. No matter the sport - baseball, softball, cricket, lacrosse, hockey and everything in between - the competition has never been stiffer.

From one year to the next, athletes have a chance to improve their skills through different drills, fundamentals and development. Yet, some athletes fail to take advantage of the greatest opportunity of them all - the off-season. For some adolescents and prep players there is good reason for this. Many younger athletes are involved in multiple sports, clubs or academic endeavors; however, for those individuals who have a sport they are particularly invested in, the amount of  practice time available in the off-season is invaluable.

Athletes of all ages and skill levels can make waves during this critical time. Whether an individual barely missed the cut on making the team, wants to get more playing time or are looking to move up in the batting order - the off-season provides the best opportunity to gain on the competition. 

MaxBP Reaction Training provides individuals with an incredible opportunity to improve their skills during this indispensable time. Want to enhance your bat speed? Hand eye coordination? Defensive abilities? Are you having trouble with the curve? MaxBP allows an athlete to improve any one of these attributes or all of them across the board!

Many student athletes get overwhelmed with a busy schedule. For those individuals who are consistently preoccupied with school work or other activities, MaxBP is the most efficient training tool on the market. An athlete can get approximately 120 reps in every 10 minutes - that’s nearly 500 reps in a 45 minute workout (considering the couple of minutes it takes to shag balls in between rounds). If a player commits to this training four or five days a week, they're looking at 2,000 - 3,000 reps a week! Think that will make for a successful off-season?

If a lack of support is preventing you from training on a regular basis - MaxBP has you covered. Our portable pitching machines are user friendly, allowing any willing athlete to practice on their own. Just flip a few switches and participate in unlimited drills. No coach, instructor, parent or training partner necessary. If you ever run out of training drills or have a question about fundamentals - is a great resource.

Last year's campaign is a thing of the past. Whether it was the best season of your career or the worst, no amount of basking, dwelling or disappointment will change what is done. The time is now to gain on the competition and build toward a successful 2020 and beyond. Don’t live in regret for the moves you failed to make and don’t show up to the first practice unprepared. Develop a realistic regimen and be consistent. Be that player that has coaches asking, “What kind of training were you doing this off-season?”