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Top 10 Reasons for Coaches to Utilize MaxBP - Time is of the Essence

  • by Coach Ross
  • 3 min read

With the modern day practice regulations being implemented throughout prep and collegiate athletics, it’s more challenging than ever for coaches to get their teams prepared for competition. These new bylaws have forced coaches to rethink the regimens of season’s past and make the most of their allotted training time.

The current NCAA model officially limits the amount of time that an athlete can devote to “countable athletic activities” to 20 hours per week in season, and 8 hours per week out of season. This is commonly referred to as the 20 hour rule.

High school coaches have also been forced to comply with practice restrictions in recent years. For example, the California Scholastic Federation (CIF) standard permits student/athletes to participate in interscholastic athletics a maximum of 18 hours per week. This sounds like plenty of time to engage in training, until one does the math. The rule states that practices, competitions, weight training, film studies and chalk talks combined, can only add up to 18 hours a week.

What does this indicate for coaches with a desire to develop individual talent and instill a winning culture, but have so little time to do so? It means that it’s essential for a coach to be organized, efficient and stocked with the proper training tools.

Typically a varsity softball or baseball team is comprised of 15-20 student/athletes. In a traditional practice setting each respective athlete will get approximately 20-30 live batting practice pitches, along with the additional reps they get in stations (tee work, soft toss, etc). On the defensive side of the ball, players receive even fewer reps. Depending on their position, this could be anywhere between 20 and 30 reps in a typical practice. Simply put, this isn’t enough training to enhance a player’s overall performance in the short-term or the long-term.

If a coach is truly committed to building better ballplayers and experiencing more team success, they need to implement a system that provides their athletes with an exponential number of reps. However, this is easier said than done. Particularly when a coach is faced with limited time, inclement weather, budgetary cuts and minimal coaching support. Thankfully, MaxBP Reaction Training is the perfect remedy for all of these potential issues.

Time is of the essence for athletes, and MaxBP is an accurate and efficient training tool that provides approximately 120 reps in a 10-minute span. Weather is never an issue with MaxBP because the machine is portable and training sessions can be held indoors or outdoors. Budget issues can be frustrating to overcome; however, MaxBP is an affordable alternative to other training tools. Teams with limited coaching support can utilize MaxBP in multiple facets - batting practice, catching drills, infield work, outfield training - even baserunning drills. Across the board, MaxBP provides the perfect compliment to any team’s practice routine.

Worried that MaxBP doesn’t provide adequate training? Well thousands of customers over the course of the last decade would say otherwise. MaxBP’s small ball and high velocity tactics provide players with a unique opportunity to enhance vision, hand eye coordination, reaction time and bat speed. Sound like a challenge? True. Does it sound like fun? Also, true.

No matter the age or skill level of a respective team - MaxBP is a game changer. Don’t let time restrictions dictate the outcome of your program’s success. Make the most of those precious practice opportunities and implement MaxBP into your team’s training regimen.