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Top 10 Reasons for Coaches to Utilize MaxBP - Pre-game Warm-up

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

One thing about baseball and softball that always frustrated me as a player and a coach, was that athletes often didn’t get the proper opportunity to warm-up before a game. Pre-game activities for ballplayers typically include: some stretching and calisthenics, playing catch, a round of infield/outfield and maybe a few swings utilizing soft toss or tee work; however, none of this simulates the most challenging aspect of the game - hitting live pitching.

Does a quarterback go into a big game without throwing routes to his receivers? Does a shooting guard limit his pre-game routine to a few layups? Of course not. So, why shouldn’t baseball and softball players get the warm-up they deserve? It is the most challenging task in all of sports, after all.

Some of the “well to do” programs have the luxury of a batting cage on their home turf. This allows those athletes to take a round or two of batting practice before a game. However, teams that can afford batting cages that often cost thousands of dollars are few and far between. So, what should teams do if they can’t afford this gaudy expense? And what about road games? Even the fanciest batting cages are limited to a single location.

One of the many features of MaxBP is that it is a portable and user friendly device that fits conveniently with the rest of your team’s travel gear. Therefore, it makes no difference if you're playing on the road or at home - in a few minutes you’ll have MaxBP up and running. Typically, a round of MaxBP provides approximately 120 reps in a 10-minute span. Therefore, if you have 12 position players looking for a warm-up - each athlete can enjoy 30 difference making reps before the game. Teams who have deeper rosters or desire more reps may want to consider implementing a second MaxBP machine.

Warming-up with MaxBP Reaction Training’ is a distinct advantage for athletes of all ages and skill levels, because the speed and spins produced by MaxBP simulate a live experience. For athletes who utilize the BetterBat Skinny Barrel Training Bat, they will be particularly dialed in after trying to barrel a golf ball sized wiffle with the skinny barrel.

Whether your school fits into the category of the “haves” or the “have nots,” coaches will be hard pressed to find a warm-up tool more effective than MaxBP. Hitting a moving object is difficult enough, make the move that allows your athletes to gain comfort and confidence before they ever set foot in the batter's box. This simple integration into your team’s regimen will have your hitters off and running from the very first pitch of the game.