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MaxBP Jump Start - A Dozen Things to Familiarize Yourself With

  • by Coach Ross
  • 9 min read

For the past decade MaxBP has made a positive impact on athletes from different sports (baseball, softball, cricket, lacrosse, hockey), different ages (Ages 6 and above) and skill levels (Little League to Major League Baseball). Throughout that time we have seen it all with our pupils, have done our best to learn from these experiences, and we would like to pass that knowledge on to you.

As you embark on a new journey to improve your athletic skills, there are a number of important things you should know about MaxBP Reaction Training. These important points range from getting started with MaxBP, to incorporating specific products into your training, and using as a valuable resource. This is "The Ultimate MaxBP Jump Start - A Dozen Things to know about Your New Training Tool."

Take Proper Care of Your Battery

If you have purchased one of the battery models, it’s important to keep the battery charged. Just like a car battery, if you keep the battery uncharged or unused for a long period of time (an off-season) there is a good chance the battery capabilities will diminish or stop working.Upon ordering your MaxBP machine you had the choice between three different power sources: AC: Plug-in Outlet, AC: Plug-in Outlet with 8-hour external battery ($60), and the 8-hour internal battery ($120). These are all great machines and each respective unit works well for a particular user.

The AC: Plug-in Outlet unit is ideal for those who intended to train with MaxBP indoors. Just plug the machine in the wall and practice away. The AC: Plug-in Outlet with 8-hour external battery model and the 8-hour internal battery unit better for those athletes looking to train indoors and outdoors.

The machines that feature a battery are ideal for aspiring athletes because it allows training flexibility. One of the unique advantages of MaxBP is that it is extremely user friendly and portable - it’s difficult to utilize this benefit without a battery for outdoor use.

If you have purchased one of the battery models, it’s important to keep the battery charged. Just like a car battery, if you keep the battery uncharged or unused for a long period of time (an off-season) there is a good chance the battery capabilities will diminish or stop working.

Here is a video tutorial regarding the "MaxBP external battery pack video."


Setting up your Tripod

We strongly recommend ordering one to go along with your MaxBP. The stability created by the tripod will allow the MaxBP to function at its best capabilities.One of the options upon ordering your MaxBP Machine is whether or not you want to include a tripod with your purchase. For the best training experience, it is recommended to use a tripod, because it is a convenient way to set up the MaxBP to your liking. It’s best to include the tripod while purchasing your machine ($55). If you order a tripod by itself, after buying the machine, the cost is $65.

The difference between the Tripod I and II is strength. The Tripod II is more durable and has support on both sides of the mount to support the weight of the MaxBP. If you don't have an old tripod around the house, we strongly recommend ordering one to go along with your MaxBP. The stability created by the tripod will allow the MaxBP to function at its best capabilities.

Another advantage of the tripod, it simulates the ball coming at you from a comparable height to that of the pitcher's hand. This ball trajectory makes for a much more realistic experience than having it throw from the ground, a chair or another make shift base. Our tripod fits perfectly with the MaxBP, making it infinitely adjustable so you can make minor adjustments in trajectory, even down to which part of the strike zone you're focusing on.

Here is a video tutorial of “How to set up your Tripod II.”


Starting Your Machine

All MaxBP Reaction Training devices are handmade by our engineers and tested before shipment. However, there are several things to consider when starting your machine. When firing your MaxBP up for a training session, set the pitch mode to soft toss and the feeder speed to 5 (slow). It’s also important to ensure that all the turbo settings are off at this time. The idea here is to let the machine warm-up for a few minutes before pushing it to the max.

Once the machine has had a little time to warm-up feel free to utilize all of MaxBP’s capabilities - multiple speed settings, turbo mode, curveball (left or right), cutter/slider (pro machine), drop pitch (pro machine) or super turbo (pro machine). You wouldn’t turn the key to your new sports car and floor the gas pedal before warming up the engine. It’s best not to do that to your MaxBP, either.

Load Indicator Light/ Adjusting the Feeder Speed

Two important features on the MaxBP machine are the “Load indicator light with variable brightness levels” and the “Feeder Speed” dial. The indicator light can be found above the wiffle release point and is instrumental in anticipating each MaxBP pitch. The brightness can be adjusted by turning the dial located near the indicator light.

The Feeder Speed dial can be found on the side of the MaxBP machine next to the power and pitch mode dials. This feature dictates how quickly the machine delivers one pitch to the next. To have the quickest pace, configure the dial to 1 (fast), for the slowest pace adjust the dial to 5 (slow).

When you receive your MaxBP machine you will notice that two plugs (ring shaped) have been included in your shipment. The purpose of these plugs is to manually slow the feeder speed. By plugging one of the holes, a wiffle ball will be released two out of every three blinks of the load indicator light. If two holes are plugged, a wiffle ball will be pitched one out of every three blinks.


Finding the Appropriate Distance and Velocity 

An athlete only needs minimal amounts of space to train with MaxBP. Typically a player will stand 20-35 feet from the machine in order to take full advantage of the reaction training experience. A batted ball will travel a maximum distance of approximately 60-80 feet.

Depending on the pitch mode (speed) and the distance a player stands from the machine, there are many different velocities to simulate. If you want to simulate a little league player, who typically stands 46 feet from the pitcher's mound, facing an 80 MPH pitcher - MaxBP can do that. If you want to recreate the type of 100 MPH heat a big league player faces from the 60 feet, 6 inch mark - MaxBP can simulate that, too. MaxBP has every speed and plate distance covered, from 40 feet to 60 feet, 6 inches - simulating velocity’s between 29 and 146 MPH!

Don’t forget to check out the MaxBP blog for different “Recreating with MaxBP” articles, featuring simulations of a variety of pitchers from Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees to Sidd Finch of the New York Mets (fictional character).

Here is a breakdown of every distance and velocity simulation imaginable on MaxBP.


Making Sense of the Different Speed/Pitch Types

The original and pro machine are similar in many ways - they are both portable, user friendly, provide an athlete with unlimited reps and are excellent small ball training devices. The biggest difference between the original and pro machine, is that the pro machine offers a variety of offspeed pitches and more velocity options.

When the time comes to begin training with your MaxBP, you will find that there are several different options on the “Pitch Mode” dial. These are essentially the different speeds and pitch types offered on your respective machine. All of the green sections represent different pitch speeds for a straight pitch (fastball) - the speeds from slowest to fastest are: soft toss, low, medium and high. If you want to increase the speed at any respective setting, turn the power dial to the “Turbo (optional)” setting. Those pupils practicing with the MaxBP Pro have the option to flip the “Super Turbo” switch.

The two sections that are colored orange represent breaking pitches: lefty curve and righty curve. Those athletes training with the pro machine have the option to change the break on the ball by selecting either curve, cutter or slider mode. To increase the speed on a breaking ball, utilize the different turbo settings on your machine, depending on if you have an original or pro model.


Colored Wiffle Balls and “Slow the Game Down” for Improved Vision

Every MaxBP order comes with a complimentary 96 white wiffle balls. This is a great way to get started with your new practice tool; however, to take full advantage of MaxBP’s training capabilities it’s recommended to incorporate colored wiffle balls and “Slow the Game Down'' products into your regimen.

Most athletes spend the majority of their time and energy on physical training. This is an important athletic success, however, it’s important to remember the value of visual and mental training. A good hitter can crush a fat pitch over the plate, but the best hitters know their strike zone.

By incorporating drills with colored wiffle balls and “Slow the Game Down” products, a hitter will have the opportunity to improve their vision, become more disciplined and increase their ability to get ahead in the count. This will lead to more success on the field and better statistics in the box score.

Here is a video tutorial on Slow the Game Down's Pitch zone locator 


BetterBat for Ultimate Small Ball Training/Hand-Eye Development

MaxBP prides itself on being the ultimate small ball training tool. Any athlete who wants to improve their hand eye coordination will be hard pressed to find a better solution than MaxBP Reaction Training.

The heart and soul of MaxBP’s small ball training tactics is the portable pitching machine. These machines (Original and Pro) present athletes of all ages and abilities the challenge of tracking, catching or hitting a small object moving at high speeds; however, for the ultimate MaxBP hitting experience, it is recommended to incorporate a BetterBat Skinny Barrel Bat into your training.

The BetterBat is the perfect bat to use while training with MaxBP, because it presents the challenge of hitting a small golf ball sized wiffle ball with a barrel that has the circumference of a bat handle. Athletes who have trained with this product have expressed that when they go back to hitting a baseball with a traditional bat - it’s like hitting a beach ball.


Develop a Routine with Low Impact Reps

If an athlete takes batting practice with MaxBP on a regular basis, their skills will undoubtedly improve. They might even become one of the best hitters in their league or town. But if an athlete has aspirations of playing college or professional ball - it is highly recommended to develop a routine and stick with it.

A player’s routine shouldn’t be set in stone. It should be a constant work in progress. An athlete should be an engaged student of the game, always looking for ways to develop their skills. The sooner an athlete develops a detailed training regimen, the sooner they will develop the type of “Perfect Practice” routine that will lead to sustainable success.

Those “gym rats” that are interested in training for long periods of time, will want to incorporate the BetterBat Skinny Barrel Training Bat into their routine. The BetterBat is typically ⅔ the weight of a respective game bat, so it allows a player to train for long periods of time without the negative repercussions of wear and tear on the body.

Get Defensive

Don’t forget that MaxBP is so much more than a hitting tool. It can be used for a variety of tracking, catching, blocking and fielding drills. In the past few years we have had a number of college level and professional players who utilize MaxBP primarily as a defensive training tool.

Catchers can use the machine to practice framing pitches and blocking balls in the dirt. First baseman can get unlimited reps scooping balls in the dirt or working on their stretch. Middle infielders can field ground balls or practice their double play exchange. Third baseman can simulate turning up the heat at the “hot corner.”

If you are a coach or a player who frequents the outfield, consider purchasing a pop-up attachment ($25) for endless outfield drills. This MaxBP feature is effective for outfielders of all ages and skill levels, allowing an outfielder to work on tracking, catching and footwork drills that will set them apart from the competition.

Here is a tutorial on the Pop-up attachment


Discover a Proper Training Location

MaxBP’s portability allows its users to train virtually anytime and anywhere. Where there is an outlet - there is a way, for users with the AC: Plug-in Outlet model. For those who have invested in a MaxBP with a battery, the possibilities are even greater - the backyard, the park, a cul-de-sac, an empty lot or the local baseball diamond - the potential training locations are endless.

So when you’re headed out of town and your packing your necessities, you might want to include your MaxBP. It’s relatively small and easy to haul, allowing a dedicated athlete to get their reps in a timely and convenient manner. There should never be an excuse to miss a day of training with MaxBP!


Taking Advantage of MaxBP’s Drills and Fundamentals

If you haven’t already, check out the MaxBP website and visit the blog/news. In this section you will find over 100 different articles with new material on a regular basis. Throughout the blog, readers will find different articles, featuring: drills, fundamentals, misconceptions and other newsworthy baseball material. If you find the resource to be of value, sign-up for the MaxBP email and/or blog.

Do you have a photo or video you would like to share? Maybe you have a great drill to discuss. Or a triumphant tale our readers must hear. Share your MaxBP experiences with our community of coaches and athletes by contacting Coach Ross -