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The Importance of the Offseason

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

An athlete’s offseason is an instrumental time. It’s an opportunity for an individual to assess their performance from the previous campaign, decide what worked and what didn’t, and begin preparing for a brighter future.

Interestingly, the importance of this simple process is universal for athletes of all ages - from little league players to major leaguers. Every athlete should analyze their strengths and weaknesses and make a plan to improve. The bulk of this preparation is usually done in the offseason, it’s a logical time to analyze personal performance and the time away live competition allows a player to delve deep into their fundamentals.

In most cases, when an athlete makes a major breakthrough, it happens during their offseason training. It’s difficult to make any major mechanical overhauls in the midst of a season, there just isn’t adequate practice time, and in most cases things get worse before they get better. Some players are hesitant to even tinker with their fundamentals, because often times it proves to be a rabbit hole that is mentally taxing and counterproductive.

The sooner an athlete begins treating the offseason like a precious opportunity, the more likely that player will make improvements over time and have the opportunity to accomplish their goals. Individuals who fail to take advantage of their offseason will find themselves behind the eight ball when the next season arrives. The accumulation of rust will have a negative impact on their players abilities and they will find themselves scrambling to get right. No matter how great any player is, in relation to the competition, it’s never a good idea to descend while others are improving.

So what should a player do to stay ahead of the competition? The first step is analyzing those strengths and weaknesses and making a plan to improve. Once that preparation is in place, it’s time to get to work - the more reps the better.

MaxBP Reaction Training provides athletes with a golden opportunity to make great strides in the offseason because it provides an individual with unlimited reps. With the flick of a few switches a player can train - morning, day and night - working on countless drills to improve hand eye coordination, vision and reaction times. MaxBP’s small ball wiffle balls, paired with a BetterBat Skinny Barrel Training Bat will have have an athlete “dialed in” on a whole new level.

So, remember if you rest this offseason - you’re gonna rust. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by, take advantage of every offseason and continue that conquest toward greatness.