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Slump Buster - Focus on the Little Things

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

Many times a slump has nothing to do with a major mechanical flaw and more to do with a minute detail or lack of focus. A great way to regain that undivided attention is by challenging the eyes to concentrate on small objects. This is a concept that works wonders for any sport that requires an athlete to control or make contact with a moving object.

For many generations players in the Domincan Republic have practiced hitting bottle caps with a broomstick. The line of thinking is that hitting a small object with a skinny barreled object should improve an athlete’s hand-eye coordination. Obviously, the results speak for themselves, as Dominican hitters continue to be a dominant force in Major League Baseball.

When I was playing high school baseball, Coach Clawson, utilized this concept by having the team practice soft toss by hitting popcorn kernels with a broomstick. When it came time to face live pitching, the baseball looked like a grapefruit. Perhaps this was Mr.Miyagi's thought as he had "Daniel Son" attempting to catch a house fly with chopsticks in the "Karate Kid." If Daniel could capture a tiny little fly with a small, awkward utensil then perhaps he could catch the Cobra Kai with his legendary "Crane Kick."

Athletes who are mired in a slump should strongly consider focusing on the little things to break out of a torturous funk. This could be a simple fix and is far less stressful and time consuming than many other slump busting options - including a mechanical overhaul, superstitious behavior, a visit with a sports psychologist or taking a break from the game.

MaxBP Reaction Training is an excellent way for an athlete to fine tune their vision and hand eye coordination through its small ball practices.MaxBP Reaction Training serves as a great way to retain focus and concentration. The small ball training provided by MaxBP will allow any athlete unlimited reps of seeing, catching and hitting golf ball sized wiffle balls. A few rounds of concentrating on these small objects traveling at a high velocity will have any slumping player more focused and ready to bust out.

While MaxBP by itself is a great training tool for athletes of all ages and abilities. For best vision training, a player should also incorporate MaxBP’s multi-color wiffle balls. Athletes who are tasked with hitting a moving object would be best suited by incorporating a BetterBat Skinny Barrel Training Bat into their training practices.

When that inevitable sports slump comes a knockin’ - and it most certainly will - don’t panic! Be prepared to remedy it with the “tried and true” small ball approach, whether it be bottle caps, corn kernels or MaxBP.