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Situational Hitting with MaxBP - Advance the Runner to Third Base

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

It may not seem like much, a simple ground ball to second base. An 0-for-1 in the box score. But, many times that routine play leads to a run scored, and you know what they say about runs - they win ball games.

One of the oldest situational hitting scenarios in the book is the classic “move the runner from second base to third base” when batting with nobody out. When a pitcher or below average hitter is at the plate, a manager may opt to play it safe with a sacrifice bunt; however, if the coach has confidence in a player’s ability to handle the bat, they may give them a chance to swing away.

If a player wants to secure that coaches trust, they better make sure to do two things - put the ball in play and hit it to the right side. The benefit of a coach using this strategy is that a base hit could lead to a larger rally with a crooked number, but there is significant risk involved. If a hitter fails to move that runner over to third base when hitting with nobody out, it could lead to a squandered scoring opportunity.


For players who want to gain comfort in situational hitting opportunities like move a runner over, MaxBP Reaction Training is a great resource. To simulate this scenario a player can set up the MaxBP (or have a training partner) to throw pitches in a variety of locations. When the player gets a pitch down the middle or on the outside part of the plate, smoke that ball to the right side. If a hitter should take pitches on the inside part of the plate, unless they are an advanced hitter with inside/out hitting capabilities.

BetterBatThis situational hitting drill is excellent for players 12 years and older, to participate in this training an athlete will need a MaxBP Machine (or training partner), plenty of wiffle balls, a flat plate and preferably a BetterBat Training Bat.

This training should be exercised on a consistent basis, so that even in a game like situation it feels like a drill. One thing to remember, if a hitter has two strikes in this situation, scrap the situational hitting plan. At this point the player should focus on simply trying to reach base.

Situational hitting is an essential part of being a complete hitter and a team player. It’s important to develop these skills so a player has the ability to do the little things to help their team win a ball game.