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Never Fear the Suicide Squeeze

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

It’s the most exciting play in all of baseball. No, not the home run. The suicide squeeze!

The suicide squeeze is performed to perfection when a base runner on third base bolts for home plate the moment a pitcher goes into his delivery. The batter is then responsible to lay down a bunt in fair territory, no matter where the pitch is located - a ball, a strike, in the dirt or over their head - the bunt must be executed. If the batter fails in their bunt attempt, the runner will inevitably be “left out to dry.”

Another important thing to remember when executing a suicide squeeze, it is imperative that everyone involved is on the same page. In the case that there is a mix-up while relaying the sign to the respective players, it could lead to an easy out at the plate or even worse, a terrible accident that could result in serious injury.

The scariest play in all of baseball is when a runner breaks for home on a suicide squeeze, while the hitter misses the sign and swings away. This is putting a player at serious risk. To err on the side of caution, it is recommended that both players involved in the suicide squeeze indicate to the third base coach that they have received the sign. This is particularly important for younger players who are still becoming comfortable receiving signs.

To practice the suicide squeeze on a MaxBP machine, wait for the indicator light on the MaxBP, "square up" to bunt and lay one down in fair territory. If executed properly it shouldn’t matter where the ball is bunted, as long as it’s in fair territory, that’s a run on the scoreboard and an RBI in the box score.

In any sacrifice bunt scenario, a hitter should simply rotate on the ball of their back foot with the front knee slightly bent. The barrel of the bat should be higher than the handle. As the ball approaches remember to catch the ball with the bat and never stab at the ball.

Advanced players looking for a more challenging drill may want to alternate the pitch location. Attempting to bunt balls outside of the strike zone will provide athletes with the best game simulation of a suicide squeeze.

This is a great drill for ballplayers 9-years of age and older. In order to practice this drill an athlete will need a MaxBP machine (or training partner), balls, a flat plate and preferably a BetterBat Training Bat (or game bat).

The suicide squeeze is an action packed play that is pressure filled for both the baserunner and the hitter. Therefore, it’s important to be well prepared and confident. When a players receives the sign to execute the suicide squeeze, they should be thinking "I fear not the suicide squeeze.” Then go out and get it done.