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Misconception - Athletes are Born, Not Bred

  • by Coach Ross
  • 3 min read

As families around the world wrap up their holiday festivities, many of us are left with a bunch of sh-tuff that we didn’t want or need; however, mixed in with all the material things is the occasional gem. For me, it was a turntable - which I’ve wanted for years, but for whatever reason, I never made the purchase.

Thanks to my folks - my wife, daughter and I will be enjoying our traditional morning music to a different tune. Why would anyone want a record player as the year 2020 is less than a week away? I like the subtle scratch of the record. As my brother Joe says, I’m a nostalgia guy.

One popular gift that has surfaced these past few years - DNA testing. My Uncle David took advantage of a “23 and Me” special and made an interesting discovery. My family, which has been proud of their Italian heritage for generations, is actually Greek. We all shared a good laugh over breakfast recently, thinking how my Grandfather, Gino Sottana (a WWII veteran and Sons of Italy member), would have reacted upon receiving the news. Opa!

Which leads me to the question - Does it really matter what our heritage is? Was I more prone to be a doctor, lawyer or professional athlete if my blood ran Italian? Some would disagree with me, but I don’t really think so. Yes, our DNA impacts our natural abilities, tendencies and different diseases we might be prone to - but that shouldn’t trump free will.

Now granted, I’m not a DNA expert. The depth of my knowledge peaks with a few “Punnett Squares” in high school; however, I truly believe that in most cases, personal success is derived more by nurture than nature. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Athletes who are determined to make their mark in baseball and softball, will be hard pressed to find a better training tool than MaxBP Reaction Training. For the past decade, thousands of athletes from travel ball, to Major League Baseball and the Olympics, have improved their hand eye coordination, vision and reaction time with MaxBP’s small ball tactics.

It’s tough to say if you’ll ever set foot in Yankee Stadium or represent the red, white and blue in the Olympics - only the hardest working and most blessed athletes reach that pinnacle. But, consider the journey. The lessons you’ll learn. The relationships you’ll develop. Baseball, softball and sports in general are about so much more than accomplishments. Did you better yourself? Did it bring joy to your life?

If an athlete truly believes they are destined to be a ball player, and they are willing to put in the work, there is reason to think they can accomplish their goals. There are just too many stories of perseverance and underdogs overcoming the odds, to think otherwise.

It takes courage to “go for it” in life. But, when an individual is willing to do so - often times the reward greatly outweighs the risk. It’s a rare occasion when someone regrets dedicating their lives to something. So, if the fire is there - grab some lighter fluid and ignite - challenge yourself everyday. Chances are the journey will be rewarding, no matter the final destination.