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Benefits of Training with the Insider Bat

  • by Coach Neil
  • 2 min read

Building Muscle Memory

The secret behind the success of the Insider Bat is the long-term effect it has on your swing.With every swing of this bat, you’ll build the muscle memory you need for a fundamentally correct swing. This repetitive movement with a special training bat will train your arm to be in perfect position before, during and after every swing.

Staying Inside The BalL

We’ve heard it all before… "take your hands to the ball.” But really, it’s more important to keep your hands inside the ball to clear the way for the barrel to make it through the zone. It’s imperative that every baseball player and softball hitter  needs to learn the significance of staying inside the ball. The real definition of this is managing where your hands are in relation to your body when you’re making contact with the ball. Training with theMaxBP Insider Bat forces a player's hands to stay in front of the bat head during the swing and promotes the tucking of the back elbow into the slot.

Proper Grip Of The Bat

 Using the Insider Bat, a baseball or softball hitter learns to emphasize the correct hand positioning while they’re gripping the bat. When swinging the bat correctly, they’ll get the proper palm up/palm down hand positioning before and during contact with the ball. The Insider Bat ensures hitters learn how not to roll their wrists or sweep before or during contact with the ball. This generates square contact between the barrel and the ball allowing for the maximum transfer of power.

What's Next

The Insider Bat will make sure you are learning the fundamentally correct way to swing the bat. Houston Astros shortstop and 2015 Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa believes in the power of the Insider Bat to train his swing. If you want to train like the pros, consider taking your reaction training to the next level with the MaxBP Insider Bat. Use the Insider Bat to train with golf-size Wiffle balls and the right MaxBP Wiffle ball pitching machine for ultimate hand-eye coordination and vision training.