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Why Train with MaxBP? Time is on Your Side

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

Many days there doesn't seem to be enough time to check off all the boxes on a to-do list. Between school, work, sports, family obligations and everything else that makes up our daily schedules - life gets busy!

In 15 minutes an athlete can get in approximately 120 swings on a MaxBP, that is over 40,000 reps a year!Don't let your training regimen be part of that "I didn't get around to it" category. If an athlete can dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes a day, they can get in approximately 120 swings with MaxBP. That’s more than 40,000 swings a year! Be honest with yourself, how many times have you managed to get that many reps in a single year? For most athletes that answer is - never. Imagine if you practiced for 30-60 minutes a day? Cooperstown here I come!

When ballplayers of my generation were growing up, we didn’t have the notion to participate in tracking drills and vision training wasn’t a common practice. Our batting practice regimen consisted of a few soft toss drills and a round of batting practice from a coach throwing 50 MPH from a distance of 30 feet. Oh, how times have changed.

With technological advancements and sports science, the modern day athlete has the opportunity to train more conveniently, efficiently and productively. The only catch to this notion, athletics have never been more competitive and earning a college scholarship has never been more difficult.


Does this mean that an athlete should dedicate themselves to one sport? Not necessarily. Many experts believe that athletes, especially youth and prep athletes, should engage in a variety of athletic endeavors. This helps an athlete develop physically, mentally and allows them to learn the value of being a quality teammate; however, training for multiple sports throughout the course of the year is very challenging. If an athlete wants to stay ahead of the competition and continue to develop their skills throughout the year, it’s going to take diligent training.

Between school, work, sports, family obligations and everything else that makes up our daily schedules - life gets busy!  Don't let your training regimen be part of thatFor the past decade, athletes who have trained with MaxBP consider it a game changer, because with it’s reaction training methods, it provides athletes with a form of “perfect practice.” MaxBP allows developing athletes the opportunity to improve their vision, hand eye coordination and reaction times - in a convenient and time efficient manner.

Don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from pursuing your dreams. It doesn’t take a trip down to the ballpark or the batting cages to get your reps in. All of those hours of back and forth travel is time an athlete could have been working on their craft and developing their skills. Dedicate a 15-30 minute block at any point in your busy schedule and get to work. Those hours will add up quicker than you realize, and before you know it - your skills will be indicative of a consistent training regimen.

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