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Why Train with MaxBP? No Practice Partner Necessary

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

There is no denying the fact that baseball, softball, hockey, cricket and lacrosse are outstanding team sports. However, athletes who are involved in these athletic activities may be challenged when it comes to development, because they often require a training partner. The good news? The 2020’s are a month away and modern technology enables athletes to train independently.

How much time do athletes waste waiting on a practice partner to arrive for a workout? To get off the phone? Or get back from the bathroom? What about the days when you can't find a training mate? MaxBP allows athletes to practice in a team, group or individual setting.

With the flick of a switch, an athlete can train until the sun goes down. If a player has 15-20 feet of indoor space or some decent lighting the development can continue well into the night. No distractions, just an athlete working on their craft.

MaxBP is always on time, doesn’t get sick and never has to stay late for work.In basketball the common terminology is a “gym rat,” but what is the name for other athletes who spend countless amounts of time dedicated to their craft? A MaxBP Mouse?

Traditionally, the ability for athletes to practice on their own is a challenge. Except for those blessed individuals who grew up with their own personal batting cage or training facility, most ballplayers aren’t blessed with the opportunity to take unlimited reps.

MaxBP is a game changer because it provides athletes with unlimited practice opportunities. Does Dad have to stay late for work? Is Mom busy with your little brother or sister? No worries, flip the switch and get to work.

Don’t waste anymore time waiting around for friends or family who are less enthused about your passion for athletics. MaxBP is always on time, doesn’t get sick and never has to stay late for work. With MaxBP an athlete only has to rely on themselves to maintain their practice regimen. It’s your dream! Go chase it!

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