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Why Train with MaxBP? Cover the Needs of Multiple Athletes

  • by Coach Ross
  • 3 min read

Do you have athletes in your household who play a number of different sports? Baseball? Softball? Hockey? Lacrosse? Cricket? MaxBP Reaction Training works wonders for athletes participating in sports that require them to track, catch or hit a moving object.

Athletes who train with MaxBP will find they can get unlimited reps, while having a great time and improving their skills. By utilizing MaxBP’s small ball training methods, athletes of all sports have the opportunity to improve their hand-eye coordination, vision and reaction time.


Hockey players can utilize MaxBP to improve their puck handling (stopping a MaxBP wiffle ball at high speeds), shooting ability (taking a slap shot off a pass from the MaxBP coming at an intermediate speed) and goal tending (catching/stopping a ball at a variety of speeds and trajectories).


For those hockey players who live in colder climates, they still have the opportunity to get their training in - by taking their practice routine indoors! With a little space in the garage or basement, an athlete can continue to improve and develop their skills in the chilly winter months.


Lacrosse players will find that the MaxBP serves as an excellent training tool. An athlete can improve their hand eye coordination and vision with tracking drills, a vital factor in developing the ability to handle a small ball moving at high speeds.

MaxBP’s small ball training techniques are ideal for players looking to improve their ability to handle a crosse (stick). A small adjustment on the dial and a lacrosse player can simulate catching a ball with their crosse at a variety of different speeds and trajectories.

Cricket playerscan train with MaxBP by tilting the machine downward and taking endless amounts of batting practice. A batsman or batswoman can fine-tune their wicket protection and improve their skills, so even the most daunting bowler can be batted against.

Want to simulate a batting experience against a fast bowler? A specialist bowler? The MaxBP Pro Machine offers a variety of velocities and angles.Want to simulate a batting experience against a fast bowler? A specialist bowler? The MaxBP Pro Machine offers a variety of velocities and angles. Perhaps you want to recreate an environment with a particular pitch? MaxBP is as portable as they come, and with an external battery you can take the training device to any desired location.

Baseball and Softball players can utilize MaxBP by practicing a variety of hitting, tracking, fielding and catching drills. For the past decade ball players from the Little Leagues to the Major Leagues and Olympics, have improved their skills and taken their games to the next level.

Check out the articles on for different ideas regarding fundamentals, training ideas and drills. Also, never be afraid to modify or create your own drills! With MaxBP Reaction Training and a good imagination - the training opportunities are endless.

The life of an athlete (and their family) can get busy and expensive, particularly with multiple players in the same household. It’s very challenging to get differentiated training for athletes who play a variety of sports or siblings who have different athletic interests. Take advantage of MaxBP’s diverse capabilities and invest in a training device that is capable of fulfilling the needs of multiple athletes.

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