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Why Train with MaxBP? Beat the Elements with Indoor Training

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read


Depending on one’s location, it’s tough to train during the winter months - Mother Nature holds no prisoners.Where I live in Northern California, it rained and snowed throughout the week, with one day of sunshine in between. Less than ideal conditions for an athlete to train outdoors on a daily basis. Many athletes experience similar environmental challenges.

The good news is, the colder weather provide a golden opportunity for athletes to gain valuable ground on the competition. While the rest of the country is hibernating, the dedicated individuals of the world can “Get after it.”

The best way to improve one’s athletic prowess, including physical, mental and visual abilities is by getting in maximum reps. It’s no secret, this is problematic for athletes who live in cold climates.

Why do so many athletes come out of Florida and Southern California? I can promise you it’s not “something in the water.” The warm weather provides a player with the opportunity to train year round. So, how do geographically challenged athletes keep up with the competition?

A small percentage of the population might have a vacant warehouse or barn, large enough to support a traditional batting cage; however, building a batting cage with a hard ball pitching machine is expensive and requires a lot of space. MaxBP presents athletes with an alternative training option, which provides just as many reps, at a fraction of the price and required square footage.

Do you have access to a basement, garage or carport? The opportunities to practice are endless when all you need is 15-20 feet of space to enjoy MaxBP’s Reaction Training with golf ball sized training balls.

Instead of enduring the elements and wasting time chasing balls all over the field, use that time to get more swings and increase bat speed. Having a tough time with the breaking ball? The MaxBP Pro Machine features curveball, cutter, slider and drop options.

A great way to remedy any extreme weather is with MaxBP, which offers a variety of power source options ideal for outdoor and indoor practice.Need to work on your vision? Hand-eye coordination? Defensive abilities? Or maybe you just love to rake? Athletes of all ages can improve throughout the winter months with MaxBP Reaction Training.

Sometimes the travel schedule get a little tricky during the Holidays. No worries, you won’t miss a beat with MaxBP’s portability - the “Magic Bucket” can accompany you on the road, while on vacation or anytime you feel like training.

A great way to remedy any extreme weather is with MaxBP, which offers a variety of power source options ideal for outdoor and indoor practice. Don’t acquire rust during the winter months. The offseason can make or break an athlete. Clear out a little space and get more reps than ever - rain, snow or shine. The momentum built during this instrumental time will lead to more success in the upcoming season.

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