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Top 10 Reasons for Coaches to Utilize MaxBP - Station-to-Station

  • by Coach Ross
  • 3 min read

WIth the strict regulations being implemented at the prep and collegiate levels nowadays, it’s imperative that coaches make the most of their practice time. If players are sitting around watching one or two guys get reps or if there is excessive transition time between drills - that should be considered as wasteful.

Having consistently productive practice sessions is often the difference between a successful team and the alternative. Those teams that fail to accomplish this necessity will inevitably be left in the competitive dust. If a modern day team is engaging in the practices of yesteryear, one player hitting, one player throwing batting practice and the rest of the team shagging - a coach needs to strongly reconsider their options.

How does a coach manage to make the most of their allotted weekly practice time? What type of practice regimen promotes player development and team chemistry? It all starts with preparation and organization, but having the proper practice tools is also key.

The idea of having multiple players training in stations is not a new concept. Coaches have been utilizing this method for a long time and for good reason. It allows everyone on the team to be involved and get more reps. It also promotes a faster practice pace and holds players accountable for their development, because quite simply - there is a lot less standing around and players are invested.

MaxBP Reaction Training is a game changing implementation to any team’s station work. Typically a team incorporates tee work and soft toss into their hitting stations, but other than live batting practice, players are limited in the reps that matter most - a ball coming directly at them with high velocity and spin rates. MaxBP is capable of simulating the heat and provides athletes with the opportunity to face a variety of off-speed pitches.

By including MaxBP in their regimen, a team will have the opportunity to get more meaningful reps than ever before - 120 reps every 10 minutes. If there are four players in a respective group, that equates to 30 cuts per player - in one round of MaxBP. Equally important is the type of training those players will receive. MaxBP’s small ball tactics promote better vision and hand eye coordination, and with velocity capabilities ranging between 29 and 146 MPH - players of every age and skill level can improve their reaction time and bat speed. By the time a player steps into the box for live batting practice - the challenging task of hitting a baseball - won’t seem as daunting.

Using MaxBP as a training tool for hitting is a tried and true practice. For the past decade, 1000’s of players from Little League to the Major Leagues, and the Olympics, have enjoyed it’s benefits. What if I told you that MaxBP could also be used as a defensive and base running training tool?

Defenders at all nine positions can benefit from MaxBP Reaction Training. Pitchers can simulate a throw, get into a proper fielding position and try to catch a high velocity comebacker. Catchers can practice framing or blocking the ball. Infielders across the board can practice fielding ground balls, but players at every position can train in a specific way.

First baseman can practice their stretch. Middle infielders can practice turning double plays, and third baseman can simulate top speed exit velocity at “the hot corner.” Outfielders can practice a variety of tracking, catching and footwork drills by utilizing the MaxBP pop-up attachment.

Coaches can also implement base running drills using MaxBP. For example, with one person operating the machine, a catcher behind the plate and players on every base, the respective baserunners can practice their secondary lead and reading balls in the dirt. Every few pitches the machine operator can tilt the machine and throw a ball in the dirt, and the baserunners can take off running. The participating baserunners can cycle through the drill, stopping at each base and improving their anticipation. Meanwhile, the catcher is getting reps because they are working on their mechanics of framing and blocking. Everybody wins!

The number of drills available with MaxBP Reaction Training is only limited to a coaches imagination. Coaches who implement MaxBP into their station work, whether that be hitting, fielding or base running will find this modern day training tool to be a game changer. Incorporate MaxBP into your regimen, and give your players the best opportunity to develop, and your team the best chance to succeed.