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The "Dead Arm Society" Chronicles (Title only)

  • by Coach Ross
  • 1 min read

Tales of baseball coaches throwing 1,000's of pitches every spring and summer.

- Send email asking coaches to share their story's with us - legends (BP every practice for 20 years), injury (cautionary tales), humor (it's baseball), inspirational stories (30 for 30. Disney..), etc.

- Make a contest out of it (In addition to the publicity for the school, academy, etc.)

- An intro piece about the Dead Arm Chronicles contest, the history of batting practice (from its early pioneers to modern day "velo") and what the future holds (including my experience at a batting cage in Seattle in 1997 - which I'm becoming more and more convinced was all a dream).

- A series of the best stories with photo, video, and audio as we see fit.

- Poll the readers at the end of the series - Have them vote on their favorite Dead Arm story (this would lead people share the story on social media to garner more votes = more traffic on Grand Prize for the winner of the poll?

- Spin would be "It's the 21st Century, utilize technology and take care of your kids and coaches arms. MaxBP is here to lighten the batting practice load."

** Existing customers only? Mostly existing customers? Existing and potential customers available?