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Rear Toss Drill to Develop Patience

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

One of the most difficult concepts to teach a hitter is that of patience. Anyone who has ever stepped foot into the batter’s box knows it’s a pressure packed moment full of angst, excitement and adrenaline. For most inexperienced athletes this is the moment when their primitive instincts take over, their emotions prevail and they become over aggressive. 

While it’s important for a hitter to be assertive and confident during an at-bat, there is a fine line between a hitter who is aggressive and one that is pressing. A batter who is patient, composed and goes about their business in a game setting, just as they would in a training session, will inevitably achieve better results. This is where the idea of muscle memory comes into play. An athlete who has worked so tirelessly at their craft that they can simply “react” and let their abilities take over. That’s the first step in becoming a special hitter.

A great training drill to teach a hitter patience at the plate is the Rear Soft Toss Drill. This is a great way to teach athletes at any level to “wait for the ball” or “let the ball come to them.” To perform this drill, a MaxBP machine will be set up behind home plate in the general vicinity of where the umpire usually stands. The machine’s settings should be configured to soft toss with a slow feeder speed, and the pitch should end up in the contact zone out in front of the plate. Using loose relaxed BetterBat Skinny Barrel Training Bat is a great tool for baseball and softball drills like soft toss, hitting off a tee and batting off live pitching.hands and great focus with the eyes, the hitter should attempt to hit the ball back up the middle.

The Rear Soft Toss Drill is a wonderful training method for athletes 11 years of age or older. In order to participate in the drill a hitter will need MaxBP machine (or training partner), wiffle balls, a flat plate, and preferably a BetterBat Skinny Barrel Training Bat; however, always complete any drill with a game bat.

This drill is exceptional for a player who is pulling off the ball. A flying front shoulder will really hinder a hitter and make it impossible for them to complete the drill successfully. With time and practice a ballplayer should have a trained eye and good balance enabling them to stay on the ball properly. This drill is also perfect for letting those hands fly and using them to the best of your abilities. 

It’s important to concentrate on what you are doing in this drill. Don’t just go through the motions, really think about what part of your game is being developed.This kind of drill is where switches get turned on and light bulbs go off! This priceless drill will help a hitter understand the importance of patience and composure, as they wait for that ideal moment to drive the ball.