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Pitch Recognition with MaxBP

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

The best hitters have the ability to recognize different pitches and deposit that pitch to their desired location. It all starts with having an idea at the plate and being disciplined enough to only swing at your pitch. Unless a batter is in a two strike count, then it’s battle mode. However, looking for a particular pitch early in the count is essential for a ballplayer to be assertive and hit with power.

An excellent drill to develop this skill is Pitch Recognition with MaxBP. Using a MaxBP pitching machine, mix white wiffle MaxBP has jelly bean wiffle balls that will any hitter in training develop better vision and hand-eye coordination in the batter's box.balls in with a few different colors from the MaxBP Jelly Bean pack. Depending on the color of the wiffle ball, either pull the ball, hit it up the middle or drive it the other way.

This drill may seem counterintuitive to some of the “hit it where it’s pitched” training we have discussed; however, this drill will encourage a player to let the ball get deep in the zone and hit it to all fields. In a best case scenario, it will help a hitter develop an inside-out swing when the opportunity presents itself. Athletes should vary the ratio of colored balls, the color, or amount of color on every ball. Change the rules each round. Pick a color to foul off. Pick a color to take. Get creative and have fun with it.

This drill can be limited only to the imagination of the student and has infinite possibilities. This drill is recommended for athletes 12-years and older and to use this training a hitter will need a MaxBP machine, white and colored wiffle balls, a flat plate and preferably a BetterBat Training Bat.

The beauty of this drill is that it allows a hitter to react mentally after the MaxBP pitching machine releases the ball, exactly like a batter would do when recognizing the pitch in a game. By varying the direction in which they hit the ball, a player is training to be diverse hitter with the ability to excel in situational hitting opportunities. Practice pitch recognition with MaxBP and become that Swiss Army Knife in your team’s line-up.