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Misconception - The Fundamentals of the Softball Swing are Different from the Baseball Swing

  • by Coach Ross
  • 2 min read

Baseball and softball are similar in many ways. Both sports feature dirt in the infield, grass in the outfield, four bases and nine position players; however, certain aspects of each respective game are also different.

Softball fields are significantly smaller. The softball is a larger ball and a different color. And arguably, the biggest contrast - a softball pitch is thrown underhand. Does this mean that the fundamentals in the baseball swing are different from those featured in the softball swing? Absolutely not - that is a misconception.

When a developing hitter is training their swing, the same essential mechanics should be practiced in baseball and softball. Whether it be developing a comfortable stance, a consistent loading position, an effective stride or a proper orbit to the ball - quality fundamentals are universal.

The overhand baseball throw has a variety of pitches that differentiate from the underhand softball pitch. Any given baseball pitcher could feature anything from a fastball, curveball, slider, cutter, change-up, sinker, etc. A softball pitcher on the other hand, has a different array in their repertoire. While they still feature pitches at high end speeds and breaking balls - they feature a different type of rise ball and drop ball. Does this have an impact on how a softball or baseball player should differentiate their training? Absolutely not.

Does Mookie Betts change his mechanics from one pitcher to the next? Would he use a particular style against Gerrit Cole in the early innings and alter that approach in the latter part of the game against Aroldis Chapman? Highly unlikely. Chances are Betts and other accomplished hitters will ride or die with the fundamentals that got them there.

MaxBP allows hitters to develop an unequivocal muscle memory because it provides them with unparalleled repetition and training. Athletes who practice with MaxBP will develop a newfound comfort in their skills and hand eye coordination with MaxBP's small ball training methods. It won't happen overnight, but with hard work and focus, dedicated players will reap great rewards and enjoy themselves along the way.

It makes no difference if a hitter is playing softball or baseball. Facing a pitcher that is throwing underhand or overhand. Amidst an at-bat against a flamethrower or junker. The approach and the fundamentals of the swing should remain the same. Develop those mechanics and reap the benefits of playing the game with confidence and freedom.