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Incorporate Battleship Into Your Tee Work

  • by Coach Ross
  • 1 min read
Sometimes it's important to remember that baseball is a game. Sure it may be more intense than the board games we grew up playing (depending on the competitive nature of your family), but it's a game nonetheless. It's crucial to remember this because baseball should be enjoyed - even during practice or drills.
One way to implement this practice is to keep your training fresh. Try new things.Make a game out of it. A ballplayer cando this by making a session on the tee into a game of "Battleship." Thanks to our friends at Slow the Game Down (STGD), athletes of all ages can feed their inner child with an exhilarating game of "Battleship" while improving their skills as a hitter!STGD's Baseball/Softball Pitch Height & Width Zone Locator does a fantastic job of preparing a hitter for all portions of the strike zone (50+ locations), making it the perfect support system for a game of "Battleship" Batting Practice.
Suppose a couple of teammates want to get some work in, while also engaging in a little friendly competition. Sounds healthy, right? The respective athletes could alternate swings on the tee, each time challenging their opponent to hit a pitch at varied location. E1! B3! D5! As the athletes attempt to sink each others Battleship (hopefully focusing on their opponents weakest areas), they will inevitably be fully engaged in the drill and more likely to improve.
Baseball Batting Tee Drill with Pitch Zone Locators