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Hitting with Balance is Essential

  • by Coach Ross
  • 1 min read

Seasoned baseball fans have bore witness to the spectacle far too many times. The ballplayer who steps up to the plate with so much promise, only to go fishing for a breaking ball and come up empty. Moments later that athlete is heading to the dugout with an ugly "K" next to their name.

The year is 2019 and pitchers across the globe are throwing harder and with sharping breaking balls than ever before. This leaves over matched hitters guessing, starting their swings early and looking pretty foolish at the plate. In order to be a worthy adversary a hitter must be balanced and in exemplary athletic position - ready for anything.

Balance is not as important while a hitter is in their pre-pitch batting stance. The most important thing at that particular time is that they are comfortable; however, when the batter has initiated their stride and they are in the loading position, balance is of the utmost importance.

Consider a basketball player shooting a free throw. A gymnast conducting a floor routine. Or a boxer throwing a punch. It's exponentially more difficult for an athlete to complete any of those tasks when balance is missing from the equation.

Hitting a baseball is considered by many to be the most difficult thing to do in sports, so it makes perfect sense that it is essential for a batter to be steady and stable. Athletes who feature balance in their swing will inevitably be able to drive the ball with more force and be more prepared to fight off tough breaking pitches.