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10 Reasons Why Ballplayers Fail to Get Their Reps in on a Daily Basis

  • by Coach Ross
  • 3 min read

1. Tight on space

Typically batting practice requires a great deal of space. It's highly unlikely that a player has enough property for live batting practice at their residence. Batting cages also take up a lot of space and are very expensive. MaxBP provides pro-level training while only requiring a minimal amount of space.

2. Bad weather (Too hot or cold, rain/snow)

Where I live in Northern California, it's cold in the winter, wet in the spring and 100 degrees in the summer. Less than ideal conditions for an athlete to train outdoors on a daily basis. Many ballplayers experience a similar environmental challenge.

One great way to remedy the weather is with MaxBP, which offers a variety of power source options ideal for outdoor and indoor practice. If an athlete clears out some space in a garage, carport or spare room they can beat the elements and take BP.

3. Don't have enough time

Life gets busy! Many days there doesn't seem to be enough time to check off all the boxes on a to-do list. Don't let your training be part of that "I didn't get around to it" group. 10-15 minutes with MaxBP and you can get in 120 swings. That's more than 40,000 swings in a year! Imagine if you practiced for 30-60 minutes a day? Cooperstown here I come!

4. No training partner

How much time do athletes waste waiting on a practice partner to arrive for a workout? To get off the phone? Or get back from the bathroom? What about the days when you can't find a training mate? MaxBP allows athletes to practice in a team, group or individual setting. With the flick of a switch a person can take unlimited independent batting practice. No distractions, just a ballplayer working on his craft.

5. No transportation to the ball field or batting cage

Some ballplayers have a difficult time being mobile and accessing training venues and equipment. Bring the equipment home to you! Whether an athlete prefers to hit outside under the sun or in the comfort of the indoors - MaxBP has all the bases covered. Don't worry about traveling to another location to train. Practice your craft from the comfort of your own home, and enjoy training without the inconvenience of sharing facilities or equipment with others. Commit to practicing with MaxBP and save time, gas money and cash spent on expensive batting cage tokens.

6. Lack of motivation

Feeling a little lazy? Not motivated to practice or improve your skills? Maybe your even considering hanging up the spikes. Don't do it! Get off the the couch and get motivated. It's a decision you won't regret.

MaxBP provides a quality cardiovascular workout, second-to-none training and it's fun! A few sessions with our pitching machines and you'll be feeling lighter on your feet, more confident at the plate and loving every minute of it.

7. Recovering from an injury

Every season 1000's of athletes around the globe suffer various injuries that affect their ability to practice. The thing that separates athletes who rebound from injury, and those that fail to recover, is often hard work and determination. No matter the ailment, if an athlete is looking to improve their abilities, MaxBP offers a drill for them. MaxBP is immune to the injury bug.

8. A significant other doesn't like sports

If you're love interest doesn't enjoy athletics, that's okay. It's a difficult concept for me to fathom on a personal level, but I'm all about compromise!

An athlete doesn't need much time to get in a few cuts on their MaxBP. By the time your significant other checks their Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts, you will have completed a round of hitting. Chances are that same person will be the loudest one cheering when you hit for the cycle and lead your team to victory!

9. Minimal coaching support

Some athletes have a difficult time practicing when they don't have a coach or instructor to support them. Don't be discouraged! You're not alone! The internet has endless material on hitting mechanics, techniques and training methods. is a great resource, providing an abundance of valuable material for athletes and coaches.

10. Practice is boring

Hitting a baseball is a lot of fun. Chasing it down afterwards is not. I still have nightmares about my old baseball practices, hours and hours of shagging balls in the outfield, and eventually 10 minutes of batting practice.

MaxBP is a faster paced batting practice option, with better training potential, higher velocity and more breaking ball versatility. Oh yeah, and shagging MaxBP's wiffle balls is way less time consuming, especial with one of our Ball Collectors!