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Check out what some of our top MaxBP customers are saying about their experience training with our small ball and reaction training tools.
Coach Matt Kutt visited Extra Innings, an indoor baseball & softball facility for players of all ages, to check out how they’re using MaxBP reaction training tools to help their players hone in on their hand-eye coordination and pitch recognition. Check out why Coach Houser, GM of Extra Innings, chooses MaxBP to keep his junior players engaged and active.
We caught up with High School Baseball Coach, Ron Eastman, at the Texas High School Baseball Coach Convention to find out why he uses MaxBP Pitching Machines to help improve his player's reaction timing. 
  • 1 min read
John Buck played 11 major league seasons as a catcher. He now has a training facility in Salt Lake City where he has been using MaxBP pitching machines for more than 5 years to improve his catchers on receiving skills and visual training. Check out why John Buck believes in small ball training with MaxBP Reaction Training tools. 
  • 1 min read
Check out why former Major League player Paul Phillips believes in MaxBP's reaction training tools to coach his players to improve their cognitive and reaction skills. 
  • 1 min read
Designed for a beginner batter, or a seasoned pro like Houston Astros shortstop and World Series participant Carlos Correa, here’s why the Insider Bat is the next crucial tool you need to add to your batting practice training regimen.
LSU Softball Assitant Coach Howard Dobson loves training with MaxBP when they're limited on space and looking to get lots of swings in to improve hand-eye coordination.
  • 1 min read
In this video, Ryan Harrison with SlowTheGameDown demonstrates the value of using the MaxBP whiffle ball pitching machine for the “Track & Decide” training drill.  Professional baseball player Tyler Heineman from the Houston Astros organization joins Harrison for the drill and demonstrates some major league talent.
Coach Greg Layson shows us an easy way to measure the proper distance from the plate each hitter should stand. Where you stand gives you a different view of the strike zone and the proper distance from the plate will help you make solid contact no matter the pitch location.
The value of the MaxBP machine is found in increasing your reaction timing. It can increase your hand-eye coordination, pitch recognition in the batter’s box, with quicker adjustments to off-speed pitches. MaxBP can also assist catchers with their receiving and blocking skills as the “React & Track” training video demonstrates.    
Improved reaction timing is established with the use of the MaxBP pitching machine. It will improve overall hand-eye coordination as well as increase pitch recognition in the batter’s box through quicker adjustments to off-speed pitches.
  • 3 min read